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Radiometric thermal imaging with FLIR Vue TZ20

The radiometric VUE TZ20-R thermal-zoom drone payload is made in the USA and provides DJI Matrice 200 and 300 pilots with the ability to see and measure thermal details that aren't accessible with other leading sUAS aircraft and payloads. With two FLIR Boson® thermal cameras, the TZ20-R offers an unmatched 20x zoom range and puts four times as many pixels on target at all zoom levels as all other thermal cameras out there.

Using this tool, inspectors for utility, roofing, solar farms, and other industrial applications can zoom in on objects of interest, identify them clearly, and record radiometric temperatures from a safe distance. Using the VUE TZ20-R, emergency response pilots in search and rescue, law enforcement, firefighting, and public safety can conduct silent searches and observations with the thermal zoom to reduce false positives and make critical decisions faster. This affordable thermal zoom and radiometry solution enables faster searches, silent surveillance, and safer standoff inspections and assessments.

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