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About DJI Phantom 4 Multispectral Packages

DSLRPros P4 Multispectral Packages are designed to perform high level agricultural monitoring for environmental inspection and plant-level intelligence.

Using the impressive Phantom 4 RTK aircraft, the P4 Multispectral incorporates a visual imaging system that gives you not only visible spectrum imaging (RGB) but also an array of color band-specific images. Crop growth and agricultural health are easily monitored and understood when viewed not only with visible spectrum images but with Red, Blue, Green, Near Infrared, and Red Edge imaging. Capturing data in a wide spectrum of light allows users to quickly identify problem areas within crops and act quickly and intelligently to maximize plant health.

The DSLRPros P4 Multispectral Package is essential for agriculture workers and surveyors who want to maximize profitability and efficiency.

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